Bonner church of Christ has a long history in one of the most beautiful areas of the country.


Nestled between the Viola Valley and the heart of Warren County Tennessee, you will find the meeting place of the church at Bonner in some of the most picturesque areas bordered by Ben Lomand and Harrison Ferry Mountains.

History of Bonner Church Of Christ

       The Bonner Church of Christ had it's beginning sometime before the turn of the twentieth centry when in 1883 Miles Bonner sold one acre of land for $10 to the school trustees to "erect a building on it for school purposes, to be known as the Bonner Schoolhouse".  As was the custom of the time, buildings were used for school during the week and worship services on Sunday. In December 1914 the School board sold this building and one acre of land to J. R. Stubblefield for $150.00. A school house had been built at Brookside and the school was moved there. J. R. Stubblefield was a well know Gospel preacher and a talented song leader who would have singing classes to teach young song leaders. In March the following year J. R. Stubblefield and his wife, Sallie sold this property for $150.00 to the Trustees of the Church" for the use and benefit of the Church of Christ worshiping at Bonner". By these records we know that the Church was established at this location years before it obtained title to the property.  Some historians say that the Church was established when, in 1905 Brother O. E. Tallman, a preacher from Canada held a gospel meeting on this site, but records substantiate the date to be much earlier. In the mid 1950's there were less than twenty five attending worship services at Bonner. The Fred Summers family, a dedicated, Christian family moved into the neighborhood and started worshiping here. Borther Fred, as he was lovingly called served a minister and Elder until his disability and death in 1964.  With his encouragement and hard work the congregation grew and starting meeting three times a week. Soon plans for a new building became a reality. The building that had been built in 1883 was used, with few modifications until 1958. After more than eighty years the old building was put on skids and moved to the edge of the lot and used until the new one could be build in the same location.

Bonner church house circa 1905

Bonner church house circa 1905

         Brother Fred was not only a Gospel preacher, but a talented carpenter.  When the new brick building was erected in 1958 at a cost of $17,008.00. Brother Fred and his son, John were the builders. The new building had a large auditorium with class rooms and bath rooms in the basement. Soon after the building was completed there was need for more room and in the early 1960's an annex was added to the right side.  The building was expanded again in 1998.  Then in 2005 an annex was added to the left side of the building which is used for class rooms and fellowship room.