Tim Long

Tim Long and his wife Charlene

Tim Long and his wife Charlene

We would like for you to meet our minister, Tim Long.  Although the Bible does not set any type of preference for ministers alone, we do realize that you will most likely see him most times when you visit with us.  We feel it is best to have a "face" with a name so that you will recognize someone who can easily answer questions for you as well as welcome you to our assemblies.

Brother Long has served this congregation very well for almost two decades. Not only does he serve as a minister with us, but he is also a retired educator and now works alongside his wife Charlene in real estate from time to time.  Brother Long has been privileged to also speak at many area congregations for gospel meetings, vacation Bible schools, and other various opportunities.  The Bonner church of Christ is blessed to have him as our minister.  

Since December of 2002, It has been my honor to serve as Minister of God's family at Bonner. My dear wife, Charlene and I have been blessed with three children: Chris, Sarah, LeeAnn and four grandchildren: Matthew, Trevor, Jade and Drew. I have been an educator for 30 years and hopefully been able to influence many young people in their search for the truth.

Since beginning at Bonner, it has been my priviledge to see the church prosper as I have come to know members of great dedication and service. When I took the responsibility of Minister, it was with a realization of the strong history and influence of this congregation. With an awareness of the past and eye to the future, we strive to be a congregation with a strong focus on family. We realize that in order for the church to continue to prosper we must make a future generation a focal point. Thus, much of our effort goes toward encourging our young people to see their place in church history. Our history is set; our future lies before us as each member strives to live for the Lord and set the appropriate example for those about us. - Tim Long


The members of the congregation at Bonner church of Christ are a wonderful family of brothers and sisters in Christ.  We are both young and old.  We have those that are Christians, and those that have not yet obeyed the gospel.  Our congregation is not specific to any demographic, race, nationality or creed other than being believers in the Doctrine of Christ as is found in the Bible.

We don't want to be called anything other than those who were in the first century church.  In Acts chapter 2, when those that had heard the words of God calling them to repentance were baptized on the day of Pentecost, it is said that the Lord added them to the church.  There is no "joining" the church or being voted on in the Bible, and neither is there at Bonner church of Christ.  When one is saved through the redemptive power of the Gospel of Christ, they are too added to the church and we are blessed to have many who are called Christians who worship together at Bonner church of Christ.